What is P-rizzle?


an infamous rapper/lyricist from Bolt'n. well known for his superior freestyle rhymes and hooks. much of his more famous work came from his time at R.F. Hall where he continuously embarrassed other rappers such as killabreez, C-Dubbz, Petey Smalls, and K-French. world-renowned for his references to "slittin". highly regarded as the top lyrical master at R.F. Hall during his time.

other handles include "P-Rice", "Rizzle", and "P-Riznit".

Petey Smalls (after enduring a random ownage): "Yo, P-Rizzle not faggot..."

killabreez (after getting fucking owned by P-Rizzle): "I'll accept."

C-Dubbz (after P-Rizzle calls him up): "Shiiiiit....P-Rice is back bitches!"

See p-rizzle, rizzle


The living god-man

Adam is the god-man of the 21st century


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