What is Prom?


"Prom"- n - Not to be confused with prom, "prom is a gathering of people who are purposely not attending prom for various amounts of reasons including, not having dates, not wanting to dance, not having the money, or thinking prom is dumb. "Prom" usually consists of eating alot of food, playing board games, and watching either violent movies, or movies with couples in them that are easy to make fun of such as temporary examples such as Kirsten Dunste and Toby McGuire or historical examples such as Romeo and Juliette. "Prom" typically ends with a sleep over for the boys and a departure for the girls at a designated time in the evening.

1.) I do not have a date to prom so I think will organize a "prom" and invite some friends over.

2.) "Prom" is a chance for those who do not want to got to prom to get together and feel included without spending alot of money.

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