What is P-unit?


Techincal word for a urinal.

I have to find a P-unit and empty my bladder badly...


A urinal.

-I have to use the p-unit.

-Some idiot left a large piece of excrement in the school p-unit.


P-unit, a nick name for one of the best bands out there, Patent Pending.

"On three, P-P-P-UNIT!"

"Damn, P-unit kicked major ass last night!"

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Someone who has a "P" at the star of his name and can be called "P-Unit"

"Yes P-Unit , hows u"

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A bunch of Persian's who think they're hard.


Ya the guys who got rocked in 300!

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A rag-tag group of miscreant women who consistently lie to themselves because they refuse to believe that they are winos.

"What happened to the party?"

"It hasn't gotten started; P-Unit's not here yet."

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