What is P-way?


The term only the niggers use when referring to Piscataway, New Jersey

He said he lives in P-way, he's a real nigger

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1. Referring to PISCATAWAY, NJ

2. A term loosely used by people in Central Jersey with poor diction, mainly niggers & spics

3. ORIGIN: The word, "PISCATAWAY" was shoved in a woman's vagina. She immediately douched, and the word "P-Way" came out. Thus the birth of the term, P-WAY. This occurrence, is celebrated every year on March 24th.

Man: Hey girl, I live in P-way

Woman: No thanks, nigg

See piscataway, pway, new jersey, douche, nigger


The dOpest place in JERSEY!

AyO im bOut tO qO tO P-WAY tO my cousin.

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