What is Rata?


twat (portuguese). Same as cona, crica, paxaxa, pito, pipi (euphemism), pastel de pelo (brazilian portuguese), etc.

It is an extremely rude word that should never be used in front of a lady, unless said lady is a classless whore, or you really, really want to.

It cannot be used as an insult, but it can be used to make someone feel insulted.

Cheiras mal, pá, vai lavar a rata! - You fucking stink, bitch, go wash your cunt already!

Com aquelas calças justas, vê-se-lhe a rata toda! He He He! - Those super tight pants give her a camel-toe. Heh heh heh!

See cunt, cona, crica, minete, foda


rober, person who stole things, for mexicans. It also means rat in english.

No seas rata, regresalame mi television.


A snitch, some one who tells on another person or persons!

Look a that vato talking to the cops he is a rata!

See snitch, vato, bitches


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