What is Rattenkrieg Behaviour?


the behaviour of rattenkrieg. It is in ten levels:

Level 1: scurrying, following, leaving their workstation.

Level 2: calling teachers the wrong name, jucking.

Level 3: hugging people and throwing cat hairs.

Level 4: bothering the Democrat Boy, talking about parcel bins, saying EDMUND and EVELYN/MURIEL and mentioning the Daily Mail to the Democrat Boy.

Level 5: Quacking like a duck.

Level 6: spitting in bins or at people.

Level 7: repeatedly uttering the same phrases.

Level 8: chewing or gnawing of computers, throwing biscuits.

Level 9: following people home, bullying spuckers.

Level 10: attempting to wipe things on people.

Rattenkrieg: quack quack

Stephen: that is rattenkrieg behaviour Level 5.

See rattenkrieg, scurry, rule, jucking, spucker, hopkins, edmund, evelyn, muriel


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