What is Ravelinks?


the first message board that new ravers usually find. due to the large and constant influx of very inexperienced rave party-goers, there is typically a large amount of blatant drug related posts as well as questions which could easily be answered with simple google searches.

ravelinks has been online in one form or another since 1996, due to it's age there are in fact a good amount of rave attendees that frequent the site that do not engage in the idiocy and blatant drug related conversations and stay generally reserved in their postings.

ravelinks is one of the very first sites that comes up in a google search of "rave messageboards" and related searches, this makes it easily accessible and quick to find for many types of people looking for information about raves and ravers, this also makes it very easy for those who do not like raves or ravers to locate the site and troll.

ravelinks has an online calendar of raves and rave style events (massives, undergrounds, rave/techno/trance clubs, and permitted "rave" parties), the calendar portion of the site lists events in all major parts of the united states as well as other countries. due to known police monitoring, ravelinks typically does not get very many underground or un-permitted illegal rave party listings, when these types of events do get posted it more often than not results in the event being shut down in one way or another, this is not the rule, but it is what happens the majority of the time.

a: i found out about a fun rave this weekend when i checked the ravelinks calendar

b: someone posted a message on ravelinks asking if a certain kind of ecstasy pill is good or not

c: i think i might want to go to a rave, i found a site called ravelinks and from what i've been reading, it could be fun

d: i downloaded this cool techno dj mix from a dj on ravelinks!

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a message board for elitist snobs to go on & bitch about how they hate modern raves & the party going kids because all they do is a bunch of drugs & get too trashed for their own good. EVEN THOUGH, the core of ravelinks, is nothing but a bunch of drug addict, fry-tards themselves, who sit online all day when they aren't out looking for their next score.

rainbowchild887 was on ravelinks 24/7 when he wasn't out at some crack den warehouse party eating pills & taking experimental hallucinogens.

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ravelinks is a web site, used primarily by blood sucking children, who are for the most part, would be ravers. many of them have nothing to do all day and go on ravelinks to start drama with each other. this keeps them entertained while they cannot be going to rave parties and consuming ecstasy tablets or puttin animal tranquilizer into their nasal passages. any ravelinker spotted in public should be tossed to the ground and kicked in the nose.

"I'm a ravelinker and I do drugs and I want to go to a rave to do a ravelinks meetup to do an elevator and pass out."

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