What is Ravi?


to be "Ravi" like is to be amazingly good looking with a lot of female friends. A person who is also not a homosexual.

That kid is not like Ravi, he's so ugly.


Ravi is basically Sun, but it also means

1. Sharp as without sun you will be lazy

2. Charming as sunlight brings colors to your life

3. Straight forward as sunrays don't bend

On the whole without Ravi your life is very gloomy and shady!!

Person 1: who brings colors to your life?

Person 2: Ofcourse it's Ravi, without whom this whole world will be dark

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Ravi means Sun in hindi and most of sanskrit based languages. Most Indians have their names after sun god, I think some motha-fakkin haters redefined it above.

Pandit Ravi Shankar, Ravi Verma

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That one sexy giy that everybody wants and even the guys want him cuz his soi sexy girls whant him and guys wanna be like him and he has a best friend Named VICKY shes the coolest person hes ever met in his life he loves her ;)

Ravi Is the sexiest person alive and even bradd pitt wants to be like him and melody wants to secretly be his girlfriend hahahah

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Proper Noun A person who is incredibly good at break dancing.

AdjWord used to describe someone who is amazing at break dancing.

Noun An almost impossible break dance move, besides for a person named "Ravi."

Sum dude= Yo! did you c dat kid wit all dos sick nastah moves?

Sum other dude= hellz ya bra, dat kid is such a ravi.


Bro check out that guys move he is totally pulling a ravi.

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1. A term used to describe the Grossest thing you have ever seen. 2. Often used to describe excessive hair and skin in unnessary places on the body. 3. The worst sexual experience ever; Lacking in rhythm and creativity among other things.

My dates penis is so Ravi; It was like fucking Big Foot!

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A gorilla that still has not evolved, whereas the rest of man kind have. A Ravi, will fight for hours and hours regarding the most pointless bullshit known to gorillakind. They will hulk up, because they lose 20 cents. Beware of the ravi kind, they tend to like buttseckz from men, don't drop the soap in prison.

PLEASE RAVI PLEASE, a relative asking the RAVI to stop being so angry.

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