What is Razorback?


One of the greatest guitars ever built.

Dean Guitars built the Razorback as a tribute to Dimebag Darrell.

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noun. Someone who shaves the hairs in their butt crack.

verb. Having a shaved asshole.

I don't get dingleberriesbecause I razorback.

He was a razorback, which made giving him a rim job that much easier.

My farts sound totally different when I razorback.

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1. a thin bodied long legged feral hog chiefly of the southeastern U.S.

2. mascot of the University of Arkansas.

Jeb trapped a razorback near his farm.

I went to Fayettenamand watched the Razorbacks play Auburn.


The endearing term in which my boss refers to me.

1. Bush Pig

2. An Ugly Person

3. A Ferral Pig

4. An unattractive female

"Shutup Razorback" *insert squealing noise*

"She's a fucking Razorback"

See Hailz


Sexy man beast with huge ass nose with an orbit of its own and is a slow piece of shit.

Wow razorback you got a 20 minute mile.

Wow razorback when i place this rock next to your head it floated around your nose.

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