Rbh Clique

What is Rbh Clique?


Robin' Hoodz Clique, infamouse gang in Boston, Mass, deal in the illegal possetion of items, i.e .. stealing, comprising of more than 10 members, they are renowned for fighting fair, and always coming up on top. Most hated in china town, for they have encounted and jacked up a couple of pussy ass viet gooks, they posses various weapons, and should be highly feard. This "gang" has major influence in the Roxberry High school of John D. O'Bryant. dealing in the under world of calculator, personal electronics, trees, and sometimes even clothing items. made by of V. Boy and B Burnar.

what viets think of RBH, " yo dog,! those niggas can beef, RBH got mad scrap yo, since we pussy, we should try to get at them at when their eating lunch, who agrees? Pirate, do you wanna fuck up those RBH peoples? Hell ya! they kick my ass, after we done, DIm Sum for every one!!!! Hu Hu Hu HU Hu Hu"---------- pussy bitches

See Bayo


Robbin' Hoodz the thieves of tha O'Bryant. Also see wordRBHword.

The Albanians get their mds stolen by RBH.


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