What is Receptacle?


Receptacle "receive back,"

In Zoology

*an organ or structure that receives a secretion, eggs, sperm cells, etc.

Common use

* women that receive secretions, spermatozoa, etc. without requiring a condom.

'left me a voice message. "Next time you use me as a cum receptacle, please..."

See swallow, suck, head, blowjob, blow job, oral sex, fellatio, hummer, whore, prostitute, bj, receiver, gang-bang, train, recepticle, mouth


When a man has sex with someone, man or woman, with whom he regards only as a thing to have sex with an nothing more, he or she is a receptacle.

A catcher for whom the pitcher holds no emotional signifigance

Homo Joe likes illegal immigrants off the pier...his last receptacle got deported.


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