Red Army

What is Red Army?


The massive army of the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics, or USSR for short. Something that struck fear into the free world for forty years. Contrary to what the western propaganda said, the red army was too weak after WWII to take on the rest of Europe. But they still would have owned America in a nuke war.

The red army would have slaughtered the concentrated US population with a few ICBMs, they didn't need as many as the US.

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The greatest football firm in the world. Fights for the Manchester United Football Club.

The Red Army invaded the pitch midway through the match.


a euphimism for the menstrual period of a woman. similar in that it leaves destruction in its wake and can make those opposed to it feel like they have a cachet of nuclear weapons pointed at them at all times.

no i've been pretty nice to her this weekend. the red army's on the march and i don't want to stir up any wrath.


the army sent by god to destroy anyone who stands in the way of the three of us!!!! you know were deadly just because we have red hair... plus the knives and shit...

"holy shit! i got shot by the red army"

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