Red Badge Of Courage

What is Red Badge Of Courage?


when a man has vaginal sex with a woman who is being visited by her monthly freind aka on the rag and after intercorse the man pulls out his bloody penis and whips the woman with it leaving a red mark this may be a very brave thing to do if she dosent have a sense of humor.

last night I nailed my girl but she was ragging and I didnt know at first but when i was finnished I pulled out blood drenched cock and gave her a red badge of courage

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When a man has penile-vaginal sexual intercourse with a woman who is currently menstruating. Not to be confused with the term red beard which involves oral sex.

Barney had to clean up his penis after earning his red badge of courage with Betty.


The mark left on the sheets of a bed caused by vaginal intercourse with a menstruating female.

Frank: "Hey Evan while you were gone for the weekend I left you a Red Badge of Courage on your bed!"

Evan: "Thanks man! You're the best!"

See period, menstruation, intercourse, sex, vagina


when you eat out a chick who is on her period, knowingly or unknowingly

my roommate got wasted on his b-day and comes out of his room with light blue boxer shorts with blood crusted around the dickhole of the garment. I asked him, "dude, is your dick bleeding?" He relpies, "No that chick I fucked must have been on her period. Oh no, I must have eaten her out", with a horrish face.


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