Red Ranger

What is Red Ranger?


1.Jason of the original power rangers, who later starred in a gay porno,I know bc i watched the whole thing

2.Homosexual,not jus any homosexual a FLAMING HOMO who emitts a gay aura

Kevin and Corey secretly indulge in gay sex, they are indeed Red Rangers,unknowning to Pam

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1. Jason of the original power rangers, who later became a gay porn star - because actors need to eat.

2. Any guy who comes onto another guy is being a "Red Ranger".

3. Any Homo.

1. Did you hear about that Red Ranger?

2. Cory gave that Red Ranger look to Marvin!

3. Cory is such the Red Ranger! But he's cool.

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Someone who eats cherry cobbler.

"You ate her cherry cobblerlast night didnt you? You are such a red ranger.

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