What is Reemer?


(N.) Crafty Mexican. Virgin. Alot of sexual frustration and potential all wrapped up in a mexicano burrito.

Damn, I'd fuck that Reemer ... I'd fuck him good.


Reemer - or "Reemus Complexicus" defines a state of mind which perceives itself to operate on a superior or elevated plane.

When having a normal conversation about something like biscuits - for example - you would say something like Digestives are shite, how could you like those. The best biscuits are chocolate bourbons. This would prompt something like "if only you could understand" or "if only you knew" These are statements that are often used to justify the opinions of Reemus Complexicus in situations where regular lines of debate fail to indicate the magnificence of the complexicus. In other words, it will seek to make the debate irrelevant if it is not possible to come out on top.


A butt comando, ass priate, or rump ridah, who stabs the poo of any other male either by tieing him up or hiding out in shower rooms

The Theatre teacher is a real ass reemer

See makaveli


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