Reese Witherspoon

What is Reese Witherspoon?


she's classy, kind, stylish, intelligent (she attended stanford university), pretty, a good mother, down-to-earth, and most of all, an amazing actress. some of her excellent movies include legally blonde, sweet home alabama, just like heaven, and walk the line (which she won best actress for). she is my favorite actress.

Reese Witherspoon is a wonderful role model for women.

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A hot actress who is married to Ryan Phillippe. She starred in films such as Cruel Intentions, Legally Blonde and Vanity Fair.

Reese Witherspoon is pure hotness

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A gorgeous down to earth brilliant actress who was married to a man who looked more feminine than she did and who also did not deserve her

Ryan Phillipe divorced Reese Witherspoon because she won an oscar and he was'nt man enough to handle it.

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A famous actress that is apparently stalked by some and vigorously hated by others.

Wow, contributers sure are opinionated, aren't they? Some of these definitions creep me out, no one should know THAT much about a celebrity (reese witherspoon).

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A girl who looks average until she smiles when it becomes plain she has horse DNA.

An idiot that is lucky enough to get a guy like Ryan Phillipe then spends so much time away from a mirror she forgets how lucky she was.

An ugly whining bitch.

A: "Is that Reese Witherspoon?"

B: "No, it's my daughters new pony, but I see the resemblance."

A: "Did you hear Ryan Phillipe and Reese Witherspoon have split up?"

B: "Yeah, she must've given up hope of ever getting laid again by something that doesn't live under a bridge"

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To be a tightass, Pompass bitch

Damn, that hoe is so 'Reese Witherspoon

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