What is Ref?


Short for "refugee"

Omg those refs are so friggin loud

See Kathy


An immigrant abnormaly louder and annoying than regular people.

Speaks no English, or if so very little with a heavy Spanish accent.

Mostly found in Miami, FL.

"Damn that annoying ass ref, go swim back to Cuba!"

"Wow, that ref still has the salt water on his hair"

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a refugee,an immigrant, without passport,unwanted

u stupid ref..

u r such a ref


A slang term for a refugee.

Usually used with foreign persons that do not no the basic language, and are slow to communicate, although is sometimes used for an idoitic person.

Oh man, what a fucking ref.

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REF stands for random electricity fluctuation. This normally happens and random times when a light flickers for some unexpected reason.

*Light bulb flickers for a second*

Person: Stupid REF

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Idiots who do nothing but talk 9000 words per second in Spanish at 200 decibels about a ton of shit that doesn't even mean anything, nor does anybody care about. Are 95% of the time Cuban, and are mostly found in Miami, FL. Thank you for spreading your INFINITE wisdom, refs. Now go back to Cuba.

(note that this does not mean I hate all Cubans or Hispanics - I AM a Hispanic *Peruvian*, but I only hate the ones that act just like that. So annoying >_<)

A bunch of refs from a trailer park got on the bus I was taking to school, and they started shouting so loud that I couldn't even hear the bus motor.

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A Cuban person, that most likely came swimmin to the stats.

Dude, that ref is really annoying.

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