What is Refused?


Who I believe to be one of the greatest hardcore/punk bands ever. If you say that you know music and dont know Refused, you are lying. Though they are know disbanded, this band will live forever through their masterpiece "The Shape Of Punk To Come".

Refused changed the face of hardcore forever.


one kick ass band from sweden. they are now disbanded. whyyyy???

as i said...whyyyy???


Dead Swedish Socialist Hardcore/Metal/Punk band (You heard me) headed by Dennis Lyxzén.


A band that had a singer that got his head up his ass. He needs to remove it and reform the group.

Refused is better than anything you listen to.


1. Something that started out fused, became unfused then got fused again.

2. Keeps blowing the fuse.

1. I refused his offer as it was not altogether together

2. I maxed up the system and it refused.

See rejected, fusion, fuse, gay


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