What is Reganing?


Can Refer to one of Many Things-

1) Losing your virginity at 14 then buying it back off ebay off of a little Taiwanese man a year later

2) To Blow all your cash on the cooking mama gaming series, condoms and a tingling cock ring, all of which are a waste of money from a bad influence, usually called Abi.

3) Eating far too much pizzas and dispises toasted sandwiches

4) To fail to participate in sports but does in wannabe sports such as trampolining, but be warned ankles will be broken

5) To have the love of Northern People

6) To buy most of his clothes from Primark for 50p

6) To be a complete Jeb

If you like to eat sleep play and rag then reganing is 4 u.

See reganing, poogs, reg, regan


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