Regurgitative Humor

What is Regurgitative Humor?


(n.) Humor, typically of the online/viral variety, that is consumed and later peddled as peddled as one's own. Symptomatic of the decadence of our generation's scarcity of humor. While so-called postmodernists may argue for pastiche or bricoleur (i.e. destabilizing the relation between signifier and signified through recirculation of the word)...all of that is malarcky. So cut it.

A regurgitative humor scenario:

Leo Gomez watches the sensational 'unforgivable' video, in which the principal character avers "You'z a Bitch" to Leo's delight. Later, in a conversation with Zach, Leo pretends to be umbraged in a similar manner and says "You'z a bitch" to Zach, to all the onlookers elation (who have not seen the video). Leo is then regarded as 'the funny guy', until everyone else sees the video, and realizes that Leo is, in fact, a hack.

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