Remove Poke

What is Remove Poke?


Prior to efforts by Facebook to emulate various features and functionality of other popular web sites, if someone clicked "poke" on your profile, you were presented with two options: "poke back" or "remove poke"

Now, "remove" has been removed. This is very confusing to neophytes because the options of "poke back" and now, "remove" (instead of the aforementioned "remove poke" link title) lead Facebook users to the falso assumption that they either have to "remove" their friend or poke them back, sending the user into the poke/poke back abyss, never to return.

Perhaps the far more intuitive "remove poke" will return on some future Facebook redesign. Until then, this Facebook FAIL will remain confusing to the masses, wreaking havoc and spawning never-ending poke wars.

So and so poked you... poke back | remove poke


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