What is Renee?


A girl with a great ass.

Look at that renee, what an ass, i'd like to spank that.

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the greatest person you will ever meet. most likely of canadian background. term means "rebirth" or "renaisannce" who wouldn't love that?

The girl in my geometry class, Renée, sure is smart and funny and hot, she's like the greatest girl i've ever met.


An evil "woman" who closely resembles a raccoon because of the amount of dark eye make-up she wears; previous boyfriends have compared her to that of a starfish or dead fish between the sheets; inflicted with crotch rot; sleeps with her best friend's husband only after convincing the poor soul that his wife was cheating on him; threatened by pretty girls; brags about her "collection" of engagement rings; considers herself a "triple threat" even though she definitely cannot dance, sing, or act; fame whore, attention whore, every version of a whore; tries to steal others lives but is unsuccessful; will end up alone owning many inbred dogs

Girl, you should get your vagina serviced monthly or you'll omit the foul odor known as Renee.

She just laid there like a starfish, vacant eyes, no movement. So typical of Renee!

Tone down the raccoon eyes, conserve all the dark make-up for Renee.

Renee is a whore.

See triple threat, starfish, crotch rot, single white female, backstabber, psycho


a nice and sweet girl who knows everyting bout hair and uses two main adjectives "gross" and "Cute" whose favorite car is a slug bug n is beatiful but will assasinate ur punk ass if u fuck 'round

if u touch renees slug bug shell assasinate u by shooting u in the face.


fucking rad awesome chick thats really awesome haha lol

wow that chichk is so renee

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a great girl who loves to have fun.

she loves parties, talking, laughing, and basketball, bowling, ice skating, and many others. she likes guys, and she dates a lot of them, but only has true feelings for some. she'll brighten your day like your own little sunshine. shes very lovable and loves life. andfun.

major hippie : She ccrushes way too fast and falls way too hard.

Renee is so much fun to hang out with.!

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A French name meaning "rebirth".

Renee is of the most amazing people you will ever meet. She's random and weird, and most likely somewhat insecure, in addition to being outspoken, fiercely loyal to her friends, very sexual, very beautiful inside and out, open minded, mean at times, dedicated to music, and impulsive. She can be a hypocrite, but often owns up to it rather than denying it. She may not always use her head and tends to make excuses for the people she cares about.

Jeff: Who's the hot girl over there who's rambling about garlic bread's role in government conspiracies?

Tom: Oh, that's Renée. She's pretty weird, but she's really cool.

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