Republican Logic

What is Republican Logic?


A mythology often alluded to by the rich.

see: oxymoron

Fred thought his political views were in line with Republican logic, then he realized he was just an ass.

See Matt


A type of logic that the Republican mind subscribes to. Basically Republican logic tells Republicans that only the rich white male Christian God is the only true God and that everything else is false religion. Republican logic sees no problem with blood soaked oil wars, tax breaks for the rich at the expense of the rest of the country, the gutting of social programs, the destruction of the Bill of Rights, and to make life as miserable as possible for non-Republicans. This sort of logic makes no sense to the rest of the world.

Republican logic is the logic of goose stepping, brown shirtand jack boot wearing thugs.


1)A myth made up by fox news and believed by the ignorant. See also: lies

2) An oxymoron, e.g. two words with opposite meanings

"My friend John believes in Republican logic. He's an ass."

See republicans, politics, ignorance, myth, falsity, idiocy, george bush, dick cheney


The complex system of cognitive dissonancethat enables the afflicted to love both Jesusand war.

I see from the mix of Christian and jingoistic stickers on your car that you suffer from Republican Logic.

See republican, logic, political, politics, hypocrisy, neocon, jesus, war, love, christian, christ, cognitive dissonance


1. Undeconstructed Aristotelian logic, that is to say, a persistent manifestation of a centuries-old oppression by dead white males from the Graeco-Roman tradition. See "feminist epistomology", "gender situated knowledge", so on

2. Being too "left brained"

3. Intelligible thought

You'll never understand Lysenko theory or New Age holistic herbalism with your Republican logic.

See brains, wit, intelligence


Logic that doesn't advertise the government coercing well-earned money of the most productive members of society onto the parasitic, welfare elements. Logic that doesn't want to punish success with high taxes, and subsidize failure with free money. In other words, actual logic, as opposed to knee-jerk, emotive liberal reasoning.

It makes sense to punish the most hardworking, productive members of society, by forcing them to give up 40% of their paychecks to the unproductive - NOT.

See Weiming Sun


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