What is Repunzee?


Repunzee (Noun)

re - pun - zee

- A play on a play on words.

- One word/phrase that sounds like two words or phrases.

- Two words or phrases that sounds like one word/phrase.

(Sometimes slurring, emphasizing, speed, tone and accent of your wording is necessary to get the desired effect. There are other possible variables as well. This is the slang word for pun which it's not entirely different from only the rules are more relaxed and there is more room for creativity.)

- - History - -

I am the creator of this slang word. I first started using this word in mid 2006 and it has picked up with many of my friends and is spreading. I have also coined the slang word Redonkulous.

Bryan Phillip Hadaway

1. Aunt Jamima | Aint Cha Momma

2. Generally | General Lee

3. You Gotta Douche It | You Gotta Do Shit

4. Boy, Ya Betcha You Bought Cha Dem Bocce Balls

there are an infinite amount of repunzee's and you're welcome to add your own...

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