What is Resolutionist?


A person who joins the gym in early January because of their New Years Resolution. Resolutionists can be spotted by their pasty white skin, excessive fat, poor form, and blank look on their face as they stand next to any piece of gym equipment. Resolutionists usually migrate back to the couch any time from mid-January to early March.

"This damn Resolutionist has been on the Smith machine for 30 minutes. Maybe if he put more than 30 lbs on the bar and stopped taking 10 minute rests it wouldn't take so long. I can't wait until March"

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A person who makes ballsy claims for New Year's resolutions even though you know they won't follow through with any of them.

Joe: I'm gonna quit smoking, eat right and join a gym this year.

Sue: Whatever. You're such a freaking resolutionist.

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