Reverse Ignorance

What is Reverse Ignorance?


Term for when a person likes an imported Japanese movie just because its Japanese. He believes that by liking this film, people will think he is "deep" and "artistic." Once someone points out that the movie sucked, He says it's because ignorant Americans only like movies that have action, car crashes, and special effects, while himself being ignorant to the fact that no matter what, the movie had no plot and made absolutely no sense whatsoever. He fails to realize that although the Japanese director tried his hardest, he will never produce anything close to a movie. These people often mistake the properties of a movie with those of an art project. Most Japanese films would be beautiful art projects, but suck as movies because they lack a plot.

He thought he would sound deep and intelligent when he criticized Devin for not liking Aniko Hosogawa's "Dreams," But as Devin pointed out, he was just another victim of reverse ignorance. He killed himself shortly after because he couldn't stand the intense might of Devin's Pure Skill.


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