What is Rfjl?


RFJL is an initialism for the Radio Frequency Justice League, an elite cadre of amateur radio operators and radio frequency crime fighters. Based in the United States, the RFJL operates under the FCCissued call sign of WØRJL (WØ Radio Justice League) which can be heard worldwide on the shortwave bands and regionally on VHF and UHF in areas with a league presence.

The league’s goal is to foster good R.F. operating practices in keeping with FCCrules and regulations, as anything less is just criminal. Membership in the RFJL is awarded to amateurs with special powers, abilities or aptitudes that are willing to volunteer their time and equipment to help in the enforcement of Ohm’s Law no matter what the resistance!

#1- Hey man, I was paid a visit last night by caped crusaders from the RFJL! They told me I had a terrible hum coming from my radio when transmitting and I was over deviating. They provided me with detailed instructions on how to fix the issues and offered to return and help with the repairs if required.

#2- Wow, they’re like the heroes of the radio world…

#1- Ya, they really are “super”! I’m going to get my station in order and maybe, one day, I'll get a chance to be a member of the RFJL!

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