What is Rhienbeck?


Rhienbeck, a small upstate town in New York, where lots of pompous preppy fucks live. Their town consists of a few way to expensive, very bad resturants,and yuppie stores. On the weekends the town is infested with the annoying city folk who want to go to the "country" homes. They drive their Land Rovers and Hummers around town thinking that 199 and Rt. 9 are country roads, normal cars cannot drive on. If you are a student of Rhienbeck highschool you are used to a few things.

1. Loosing in everysport to Red Hook

2. Being the firsts and last to pop their collars in Dutchess County

3. Owning a brand new car by the age of 16

4. Concidering yourselves much better than anyone in Red Hook, where we have more students, a better school system, better sports, a better facility for sports and education, and a far nicer population.

In summation Rhienbeck is "overpriced, undereducated, overrated, underachieving, preppy, a dumping place for the NYC gay and rich couples, and totally unnecessary"

The perfect example of a Rhienbeck asshole, Frankie. Rich, white, preppy fuck. Driving a hummer, moves to Red Hook from Rhienbeck to play basketball and be on a winning team for a year. What a shit bag!

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