Rice Wing

What is Rice Wing?


A very large spoiler mounted to the trunk/hatch of a rice rocket. Such wings are commonly furnished due to the insufficient size of the so called riceboys penis. Rice wings are occasionally positioned upside down in an attempt to be original, however achieving the status of ignoramus.

Materials most often used are fiberglass or aluminum. Virtually any form or material will have a negative result on most all rice rockets.

That stupid rice boy's rice wing flew off and hit that old lady on the side walk.

See Mike


Epithet/slur describing oral sex with a female Asian who is menstruating.

AKA "rice wing with red sauce" -- ethnic specific variation of "redwing".

"Man, I didn't know she was 'on the rag', I went to her take-out window and got an order of rice wing (with red sauce)".


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