Ricky Smith

What is Ricky Smith?


Another newage superhero. Known by many aliases, includin Da Kidd A.T., Black Eagle, and The Harlem Hammer. Known to associate with SuperCole at times, the two are sometimes seen argueing over racial issues. They get over their issues when serious issues arise, such as The Mexican Confederation (David Jimenez and Ivan Huerta). As a team, they have been referred to as Black Ice. Superheroes.com rated them as the #1 Mixed Race Team Ever.

Man 1: Oh my God!

Man 2: What's wrong?

Man 1: That baby is stuck in a burning house! And I need to complete this rap for Dr. Dre! Whatever shall I do?

Man 2: Look! It's Ricky Smith/ Da Kidd A.T./Black Eagle/ THe Harlem Hammer!

Ricky: Don't worry, I'll save you and fix your lyrics!

Man 1 & 2: Hooray!

See black power, supercole, race, black people, watermelon, fried chicken, africa


Fat bastard who loves pie. Often known in association with the famous Rick Waller

Rick: "Save me suma dat pie chavvie"

Answer: "Get off your fat ass Waller"


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