Ricky Williams

What is Ricky Williams?



A man who leaves everything behind because he wants to smoke pot in China and only God knows what else.

Who are you, Ricky Williams? Get the Hell back here!

If George Bush gets reelected, I'm going Ricky Williams on America.


To completely turn one's back on everyone else.

Man, I can't believe you pulled a Ricky Williams and left me talking to that fat chick by myself.

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one who chooses drugs over something good.

God, the dell dude was doing so well until he turned into a Ricky Williams.


Ricky Williams is a great football player who played for the Texas Longhorns and Miami Dolphins. Lots of people think he's an idiot for smokin' weed. But it really just shows he's a gangster. Keep chiefin' Ricky, and the NFL should let you play anyway.

Man last night i smoked with Ricky Williams. He's tight!

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Nasty RB who decided to leave the game at age of 26

RICKY WIlliams is nasty

No he retired

See Danny D


(1) Biggest idiot on the face of the Earth.

(2) Nuttier than squirrel turds.

(3) Short-sighted dumb fuck.

Gave up a great career so he can do today what he would be able to do after he retired from football a rich man.

George Bush got reelected, Dan - are you still here, or did you "go Ricky Williams on America?"

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Leaving your behind your destiny to be a pothead.

Ricky Williams smokes weed? Well no shit, look at the dreads!


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