Riding High

What is Riding High?


1.To be feeling very happy. Occasionally also meaning in a snobbish or egotistical way.

2.To be experiencing euphoric intoxication through drugs.

1a. Nick D was so riding high when he scored two very hot babes by pulling the beirut trick.


Nerdy kid in math class: Woooo! I passed the test! Wooohoo, I'm so smart! *prances all over the classroom like a ninny*

Normal kid:(talking to a fellow classmate about the nerd) He sure is riding high, isn't he?


Cop: You know sir, you don't seem to realize that you are speeding and swerving a little on your side of the road.

TJ: Uh was I? Really? *giggles* No sir, I havn't drank any.

Cop: No you don't look drunk. I see you are shaking a bit and have that goofy grin on your face. You sure are feeling very happy right now aren't you.

TJ: Oooh yeah! I am RIDING HIGH!!

Cop: And you are fucking going to be riding in the back of my police car with me taking you on an up north trip! That is a bag of crack rockthat I see on your dashboard! NOW GET OUT!

Caleb: Oh shit.

TJ: Here, have a donut. *pulls out a fresh Krispy Kremedonut and hands it to the cop*

Cop: Thanks. *scarfs down donut* But still, you are coming with me!

TJ and Caleb: Haaaahahahahaha!

Cop: *pulling TJ out* Now what is so funny? Getting in trouble with the LAW is not funny!

Caleb: It's funny because it's poisonous!

Cop: No, you are both stupid drug-addicted morons. *reaches for handcuffs*

Caleb: In layman's terms, I laced that donut, which you just ate, with DDT! Fucking hilarious!

Cop: WHAT THE!? You... *gags, tries to pull out his gun, but falls dead on the ground face first*

TJ: *laughing* Alright, Caleb you da man! You a genious! *gets back in the car*

Caleb: I try. *high fives TJ* Now let's go.

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A term relating to a breast enhancement that is very sudden and very noticeable. Not exactly a bad thing, but it becomes a topic of conversation very quickly. Plus, it's regarding boobs, so...Bonus!

Have you seen Mary recently? She's riding high!

See boob job, boobs, surgery, self-esteem


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