Right Here!

What is Right Here!?


a derogatory expression, usually put at the end of a sentence, but can also be used alone. One often uses this expression while grabbing his genitals. However, without this gesture, it can be used to inconspicuously insult another person, or to cover up when accidentally caught using it in the direct manner. You can be creative with it!


Nagging Wife: "I need you to make a run to Target and get a few things for me."

Husband: "Yea, right. I got your target RIGHT HERE!" (w/gesture)


"Sure you can have some of my beer, and if you need anything else, help will be RIGHT HERE." (w/out gesture)

Direct with Cover-Up-

Jerk: "Get a real job!"

Richard: "Psh, RIGHT HERE!" (w/gesture)


Richard: "I said I got a real job RIGHT HERE!" (w/out gesture)

See suck it, blow, fuck you


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