What is Rippers?


A generic name for a strip club. May be truncated form of "strippers".

Hey guys, let's go to the rippers tonight!


Abbreviated form of "strippers," usually in the form "the rippers."

Possibly an Ontarian Anglo-Canadian slang term.

Let's check out the rippers this weekend.

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Rippers refers to the exotic dancers who work in the gentleman's clubs (strip clubs). The clubs are referred to as the ballet or more specifically the Canadian Ballet.

American usage: "Hey, let's go to the Canadian Ballet to see the rippers."

Canadian usage: "Eh, let's go check out the rippers tonight." - being that they live in Canada, stating the location is unnecessary because they all know where the rippers work.

See stripper, strippers, strip, dancer, exotic


Another name for Amphetamine(speed)

He is speeding off them rippers


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