What is Roadrunners?


an amazing basketball organization in scarborough, ontario, canada. the ages range from atoms to juveniles.

some kid: we just got murked by the roadrunners.

runners player: we run this league

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A group of 3 hot girlfriends who've decided to beat men at their own game by using them and throwing them aside once the ladies have gotten what they've wanted. These men are then "beep, beep" (-ed) through text message or a brief telephone conversation letting them know the "Roadrunners" have came, conquered, and are now done with that a**!

M: "Girl! Jeremy just got the 'beep, beep'! PEACE B*TCH! On to the next victim."

K: "I had to 'beep, beep' Matteo. The cock may have been nice but he needs his own damn house if he wants to try to holler! He doesn't realize he's messing with one of the roadrunners!"

L: "Chad got the 'beep, beep'. How dare he pull that shit with me!"

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dsl's.. also known as dick sucking lips.. roadrunners came from dsl's.. and the internet shiz is called dsl connection.. get it..

damnn.. that breezy got some dsl's..


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