Rock Tease

What is Rock Tease?


A person (generally a man) who will dangle the prospect of marriage in front of another person as a carrot to selfishly get what they want. The etymology comes from the word "rock" as a colloquial for a diamond, which are usually synomymous with wedding rings.

Philanderers may be rock teases and vice versa, but they are distinctly separate. One can be a rock tease without being a philanderer. This happens when both people love each other, but are unable or unwillign to commit themselves to marriage. And philanderers may not need to dangle the carrot of marriage in front of the other person.

Steph: Kate and Jo have been together for a while. They're serious now, and she expects him to propose pretty soon.

Jenny: Nope. Not going to happen. He's such a rock tease.

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Rock Tease: n (Rok Teez) - A hipsterthat works you up about getting you in on the guest list for a sweet rock show, but must bailfor some reason.

Reasons can include:

- Their indiemusic zine editor's gross miscommunications or lack of effective organizational skills.

- Mixing up the actual dates for the show, thus jeopardizing their ability to get on the guest list.

- Any number of lame excuses

1. Paul, you promised to get me into the Dinosaur Jr. show tonight as your photographer, but apparently Geoff already told some one else to cover it instead. You are such a rock tease!

2. Man, that roadie that told us he would hook us up with free tickets was a huge rock tease.

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