Rocket Science

What is Rocket Science?


Rocket science is when the scientists find out things about space.

Judge Judy: "It's not rocket science. What is rocket science?"

Defendant: "Rocket science is when the scientists find out things about space."

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(adj.) term used to describe anything considered overly complex to the average luddite.

It doesn't take a degree in rocket science to figure out that any email from a stranger with an attachment and a subject line that says, "I Love You", contains a virus.


Rocket science is when scientist finds out things about space make a mistake, that's what you have to do, make a mistake you did something from you negligently ruined her iphone you have to pay for that, simple as that, this is not rocket science, what is rocket science?


*laughs in court room*

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The study of the 'nether regions' and all other unsanitary manouveres and procedures involving the reproductive organs.

"hey jamie did u do ur rocket science homework on premature ejaculation?".

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