Rondout Valley

What is Rondout Valley?


rondout valley middle school is a medium sized school that has a majority of middle class students, there is a small group of cock sucking lower class wannabe gangsters who have made rondout famous for 4 drugbusts and a bomb threat also a stabbing, in the 5th grade most of the students begin to learn about sex and stuff from the higher grades, the 6th graders are mostly followers of the 7th grade, the 7th grade is setup into 4 groups the wannabes mentioned earlier the athletic kids who while they consider themselves so and think they're popular really dont have many people on their side, next is the real popular kids, these people are on top of the social chart one kid (not mentioning names here srry stalkers) is basically in charge of shit that happens in the school he solves disputes and is looked up to another (me) knows out of the entire school probably the most about fighting of any kind and none the less everyone in rondout loved a good fight (we have alot of dented lockers) finnaly the other group of people mainly girls these people dont really see a need to be important and stick to themselves

rondout valley cocksuckers

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