Rosetta Stoned

What is Rosetta Stoned?


One who gets so high that he or she begins to speak in a foreign language.

Beth got so Rosetta Stoned last night she could effectively communicate with the cab driver!

See stoned, high, weed, drugs, marijuana


Side effect of spending too much time using your Rosetta Stone software.

Symptoms are similar to that of smoking a generous amount of high quality marijuana.

After three hours of learning Japanese on my Rosetta Stone software, i was so Rosetta Stoned that I ate a whole pizza and passed out for 12 hours.

See rosetta, stone, stoned, marijuana, cannabis, weed, pot


When someone not ordinarily prone to party, live it up, or be out of control does just that.

Man, Michael Phelps got cold busted getting Rosetta Stoned.

See stoned, high, rebel, reckless, party


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