What is Rosy?


To be completely horny constantly!

Catherine and kev were completely rosy!

They Couldnt keep their hands off their rosy red things!

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inexplicable.Describes a woman who is bitchy, mean, rude, and stuck up, yet, beautiful, smart, sexy, exotic, unique, caring, funny, and loveable, all at the same time. She is an object of desire, lust, and adoration by all men(and even some women),and that of envy, jealousy, and hate by most women. She is amazing in all aspects of the word.

"!Wow that bitch was mean as hell. I want her. She's a fucking Rosy. I have to get her number!"

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speaking of roses, character of a rose.

Cheryl-Lynn has rosy cheeks

This bottled water has a rosy aftertaste.

Everything is coming up roses.

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Can be used when referring to someone who is wasted and blushing/glowing as a result of their intoxication.

Girl 1: "Pass me another drink!"

Girl 2: "I don't already look rosy as hell"


Girl 1 gets on the table and begins dancing*

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Masturbation; refering to your rosy red palm. Made popular by a song back in the 70's.

Well the wife's away for the weekend! I guess it's just going to be me and rosy


A complex heightened state of Nirvana, that is rarely acheived unless one is under the influence of marijuana. Often followed by psychedelic vision, and a raging hunger for icecream.

Jazz music, often makes John feel rosy. After smoking large consumptions of marijuana, Devon feels rather rosy.

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A general failure.

This website is rosy


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