Round House

What is Round House?


A kick swung from the side. There are three stages to a good round-house.

1) Bringing up the leg.- The kicking leg is raised with foot still flat and facing the floor.

2) The pivot.- Non kicking leg is spun so that kicking leg is forced higher and sole of foot is perpendicular to the ground.

3) Kick- kicking leg is flicked out and back again.

I round-housed that drunkard and stole his wallet.

See Kung-Fu Jesus


(adj) A state of being so drunk, that you end up stumbling back to your house, falling down or passing out.

Dude, I went to Steve's party last night and got fucking round housed.

See drunk, wasted, slaughtered, tipsy, baked, shit housed, fucked up, tanked, slammed, crunked, blitzed, toasted, hammered, faded


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