What is Roy?


Roy –adjective

To be Roy is to be;


2. Awesome

3. Attractive, Fit

4.Next Level

Roy is an adjective of someone who is highly appeasing, attractive, fun, happy, a good friendor someone you like.

Originating from Loughborough University, it was created by Andy, Rich and John to describe those who lived in Royce Hall, that were “ Fit”. Since then the adjective has evolved into the current meaning.

May be used in the expression “YOUR SO ROY” (Pronounced “YOUR-R SO RO-OO-YY”) which would be said to some one who is Fit.

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1. a male given name. Also little known Peanuts character introduced in 1965, and was the best friend of Peppermint PATTY (

2. generally a name for a virile and attractive male, could possibly be a Fire an Aries. Has a tendency to be stalked by older, unattractive, short women. Prone to being cockblocked. Has a hard time saying NO when necessary so may also be prone to "bad" touches and unnecessary roughness from short, hairy and detestable females when he's really dying inside at the thought. (think Ace Ventura and the shower and plunger scene)

Logic class Prof: Consider the following example:

1. The man is virile and attractive.

2. The man is an Aries.

3. A short detestable female tried to take the man's stuff.

Thus the man's name must be Roy.

Students (in unison): Damn Straight!

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1) An excellent character from Super Smash Bros. Melee who really needs to comb his hair. He's also got a huge, flaming weapon called the Sword of Seals. Please note that 'flaming' refers to the state of being on fire, and NOT the Urban Dictionary definition of flaming. Roy is much cooler than that.

2) An annoying co-workerwho insists on spending his time trying to permanently destroy any last bit of sanity you may still possess.

1) "You're playing as Roy again? Damn! I'm sick of being dismembered!"

2) "Damn it, Roy! If you don't shut up about your kid's stupid football team, I'll be forced to set fire to your cubicle!"


Derogatory term for a gay person. Short for roy g biv, the colors of the rainbow which is the symbol for gay pride.

Did that dude just check out my package? What a roy.

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In a gay relationship, a Roy is the man in the relationship. He takes the top in bed. Taken from the ROY G BIV acronym used when describing rainbows.

Trevor is such a Roy. He's in there watching Monday Night Football while Chase is in the kitchen making fondue.

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v. to skulk around outside, bent awkwardly toward the ground, inspecting unknown objects at odd hours. At night, this would involve use of a flashlight.

"Honey, it's dark.. can you please take a flashlight and Roy the sprinklers. I think one of the heads is broken.

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(Rahw-ee) The epitome of sexual godliness.

Confident and gay in character(often confused with homosexual) while sumptuous & alluring in appearance.

Forgetful and dense due to large penis size, renowned for making female panties saturated.

Origin:1475-85; derived from roygbiv due to many colours of lipstick present on this species penis

Expression: idiotic,forgetful(derogatory) "What a Roy..."

Expression: sexual superiority (praise)

"What a Roy..."

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