What is Rq?


A livejournal community, which has gone through three different internet addresses (including: randomquestions, rq_version2, and now, rq_version3)where the main goal is to ask questions and receive sarcastic answers to them. Drama is a must and the longer you stick around, the higher up on the totem pole you are. Don't ask a stupid question or introduce yourself once you join should you want to survive.

noun: RQ has spawned many other question communities and a few communities directly associated with the drama that goes on there.

verb: I'm going to go RQ for awhile so I can see what's up with my BFFAE.


A community on Livejournal where "Random Question" are asked and answered. Drama is rampant. Sarcasm and satire are constant. The "Regulars" are elitists.

OMG, Mac is back!!!11!!one!!1

Pic, plz?

The internets is ANGRY!

See Elitist


An abbreviation of 'Rage Quit', which is the act when a player quits/exits a game in frustration, usually when he/she has been killed. Used in online multiplayer/LAN games, or chat. E.g WC3(DOTA).

Player 1: Gank top!

Player 2,3,4,5: kk

(Opposition 1 is killed)

Opposition 1: fckn piss off! thats the 3rd time!!!

Player 1: lol this guy is going to RQ pretty soon.

See rq, rage quit, dota, rage, quit


Short for Random Questions, a Live Journal community full of constant drama and sarcastic answers to really stupid questions.

lik OMG y wuz RQ deleted!!!1!!1111


Instant messenger term used to abbreviate real quick.

Let me go grab a drink rq.

See rq, real quick, real, quick


real quick

a. a short term hustle to get what you want that will quickly be forgotten or to lessen severity of the situation

b. to act on instinct and/or without hesitation

c. a good looking woman; a woman you wouldn't mind banging

1. Person 1: "Yo I'm broke, get me on a few drinks RQ"

Person 2: "Shit, I dunno."

Person 1: "Fuck it, RQ"

Person 2: "Aight, fuck it. I gotchu"

2. Person 1: (Spots a girl) "Aye, RQ?"

Person 2: "Shit, I dunno. She's kinda fat"

Person 1: "Nah fuck it, I would RQ just to smash RQ"

Person 2: "Yeah, you're right.

3. Person 1: "Hurry up! We're already late."

Person 2: "I'm not going, I need a shower. I stink"

Person 1: "Just spray some Tommy RQ."

Person 2: "Alright, hold on."

See real, quick, fast, hustle, fine


A LiveJournal community meant for asking and answering random questions. Is basically a haven for pedophiles, retards and communists. Often NSFW. Not Furry-friendly. Most of the regulars don't give a shit about anything. Neither do the mods. It's incredibly difficult to be banned.

Verb: Wow, porn sure is boring me. I'll spend some time RQing for a while.

Noun: Ah, let me check RQ and see if they've killed any other celebrities.

See livejournal, furries, rape, fencing


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