What is Rtf?


return the favor. sometimes used on myspace if someone wants you to comment there pic they will have i will rtf.

If i comment her picture she said she would rtf.

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Ready to Fuck- expression of being ready and willing to undertake a task or participate in an event.

also used in a sexual context as an affirmation of one's desire to fuck.

PS. When used between two males in the first context, the no homo is implied.

Dude it's beer pong time, RTF?

(Just before leaving for the night) Yo bro you ready to fuck?

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Ready to Fuck- the act of being sexually turned on and ready to get it on.

I was so RTF after a long day at work.

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(verb) when a salesperson doesn't hit their targets but still gets rewarded for failure

(noun)1-a salesperson who is rewarded for not being particularly profitable. . 2- (Especially common in NW England) a non profitable salesperson who gets a nice company car.

Colin, had RTF(ed), but despite not hitting his sales targets he still collected his company car.

Despite being a RTF, Sally was given a nice braclet by her employees due to her good attendence record.

See overhead, bonus, incompetence


Abbreviated form of the phrase Reverse Titty Fuck where the man places his ass in the woman's face, recieving a rim job as he precedes to titty fuck the woman and ejaculate on her chest.

Jen seemed pretty open to new sex positions, so I RTF'ed her and gave her a taste of my chocolate starfish.

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Return to fuck

Used to indicate if a person is willing to return to the same prostittue for another commercial sex deal. Usually used as a yardstick for the service of a particular prostitute.

eventhough she is pretty and good at her service, i will not RTF because her pimp was very rude.

See prostitute, wl, fuck, pimp


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