What is Rtm?


Release To Manufacturer

In computing, RTM means "release to manufacturer." It usually refers to a "final" version of software that the development company releases to the manufacturer for CD / DVD pressing. Can also loosely mean the "final" version of any particular piece of software, regardless of medium, and may also refer to hardware, depending on context.

Windows Vista has gone through many changes during its development phase, from Alpha all the way to RC2, and finally RTM. Vista RTM was released on November 8th, 2006.

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An acronym for "read the manual"

Commonly used when something is blatantly obvious, yet still asked.

Also see rtfm.

jonnycake0045: d00d, can any1 tell me wat rofl means?

alpha_67: rtm, st00pid!

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acronym for Ruining The Mood. When one disrupts the joyous balance in a social situation.

Steve rtm'ed the party by getting drunk and grabbing everyone's asses

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