Rubber Lips

What is Rubber Lips?


A person with a noticeable speech impediment; someone whose lips have a pronounced shape, meaning they sound as if they are talking through a wah-wah pedal. Also, someone who looks like you could stick them to a window, by moistening their lips.

Listen to the way that guy's talking - "Wah wah wah wah." What a dope! Did you see the size of his lips? What a berk!

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Lips dat you can buy at da supahmaket juss incase your lips are to big or too small and you cant eat yo food. You can also use dem in extra large if u wanna use dem as suction cups so you can stick to windows like spidahman

Chaplan: yooooooo my lips is no small, now i cant eat my soup juss like i wanted to.

Lance: ya u can juss go buy some rubber lips at da supahmaket. Dats what i did cuz my lips was too small, and now i can hang from da skyscrapers wif my lips!


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