Rugby Union

What is Rugby Union?


One of the best games, no it aint a shit version of league, without it there would be no rugby league :)...I do enjoy both games and play but Union does have that extra thrill to it when played.

Dipshit: Rugby Union is shit, its a rip off of league.

Me: Fuck yourself Union is basically the father of league, withou it there would be no league.

Dipshit: But league came 1st.

Me: ***sigh***

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#The game of the intelligent man#

Union is a far more technical game with scrums... yes real scrums where the ball is put down the middle were both teams can get at it and the massive physical contact and the skill such as borin come in to play. positions such as prop and hooker carnt be played by any one as if an untrained person would play the position that person would undoubtable brake his neck

The reason being that average weight per forward is about 17 stone and there are 8 forwards so x together = 136 stone... and thats one side of the scrum now add both sides this ='s 272 stone..... and all that pressure on 6 guys necks.

Another element of union that league does not have is line outs. where both teams forwards oppose each other to gain the ball. again there are technical skills which league players do not have such as lifting, or throwing the ball accuratly in to the line.

Now the 'league lot' say there is far too much kicking in union but the fact is in union u know that u will get the ball back so players will try risky moves to attempt to score a try(5points). In league the players are so terrified to try somthing new and exciting, they just run at each other and once they are tackled they wriggle around on the floor and hope the ref will see them and take pitty and give them 6 more precious tackles.Where as in union if a player is tackled the team must fight to retain possesion and a ruck or maul is formedand then play resumes.

The game of league the players are physically fit but only because they are constantle running away from the ball. In union the physical contact is so much higher than in league and the only reason there is more violence in league is that it is played by scum who only play the sport to bully other ppl(if you desire to injure some 1 go out and pick a fight... oh yes u allready do!)

Another difference in the two games is the passion, such as in the six nations in rugby union where the best players represent there country and fight for victory also the heiniken cup these specticals make for fantastic viewing.

there are also 7's and 10's games which are alot similar to league in the way you try and retain the ball by not going in to contact.

In conclusion i would like to say that union is better than league. i have played both union amd league and find leage a game for girls that complain if they are held on the ground for more than a second.

union is a game played in the heavens where as league is played by wife beaters who molest there children and rape elderly relatives.


The far superior version of rugby, generally much faster and involving far more skill that its counterpart rugby League.

A common myth is that Union players kick too much.

Several players have made a switch to union, realising themselves that its the better version.

wow, i've got all round skills, WTF am i doing in League, time to switch.

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A full contact football game enjoyed by many countries that play it professionally.

Often, Australian's especially will argue the points of rugby union vs rugby league. League is a game usually played by thugs or rapists, that can't deal with too many rules. Australian's that watch this game religiously usually have limited culture and world experience. They like things simple. Run at a team, get tackled, have sex with the ground, pass the football between legs, do it all over again 6 times then hand the ball over. It is simplicity that attracts the Aussie fans to watch this game. Being an Australian i do understand.

However for people who prefer a fair advantage of gaining possession of the ball there is rugby union. Union (despite what a rugby league player will tell you) is a more aggressive, more full contact game. Both teams fight for the ball to gain the advantage. The key word "advantage". It is a constant battle to gain ground. There is no six tackle count. The teams actually have to work to gain possession of the ball, no handover. Union player will use rucks, mauls, scrums and lineouts to achieve this. Where as in league the forwards are usually ex convicts or expert pub brawlers, made to do one thing and thats to run straight at the opposing team with their head down, union makes use of its forward pack to gain ground. The forwards do a hell of a lot more work in a game of rugby union. Whereas league is burst play, they run, they rest, they interchange.

Not many countries play league professionally. Not many countries like the simplicity of it. But people with a low IQ have to exist in society as well, so i am for both codes.

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The hugely boring and uninteresting version of the rugby codes where all the players could not cut it in its far superior "counterpart", Rugby League.

Nobody gives a fuck about yawn-ion.


or *nion (vulg.)

28 fat blokes watching two other blokes engage in a kicking contest. A generally unwatchable sport where progress is made either: a) by kicking the ball out of the playing area or b) by goading the opposition into conceding a penalty due to an unwitting infringement of one of the many obscure laws (see 'he's gone in the wrong side').

When the two 'kickers' are not engaged in exchanging hoofs into the stand, the 28 fat blokes are called upon to pile onto the ball to prevent its progress up the field. This is called either a 'ruck'; a 'maul' or '28 fat blokes in a heap'.

Games of rugby *nion are settled by which team has the best kicker. Occasionally a 'try' may be scored - but they are so rare that their value has been increased in order to encourage players to pursue that route to victory.

But as try-scoring requires fitness and handling skills, the sport prefers the kicking option to settle contests. (see also 'drop goal' - one bloke kicking while 29 watch). On the rare occasion that a try is achieved, 14 fat blokes pushing another bloke under a pile of bodies from 1 yard is considered a specimen of the type.

Generally considered: a) inferior to Rugby League in terms of skill, fitness and excitement; b) the preferred game of chinless wonders and old Rugby League players who can't hack it any more and c) the spectator sport of bandwagon-jumping twats who don't support any club and don't know any better (see 'Inverdale').

Inf. *nion - 'a pile of unwatchable shite'.

'You can't pass/run/tackle, lad - did you come from *nion?'

'Careful, don't step in that steaming pile of *nion'.


Inferior sport to rugby league. Aparently points are scored by goal kickers (one to a team of fifteen). Imagines that one day it will be bigger than soccer.

Generally played by those educated at Public (ie private) schools.

Much over rated by the british media.Most of whom went to said schools.

Hey fat boy, why don't you go and play rugby union?

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