Rule Of Tounge

What is Rule Of Tounge?


1. The dominating sensation that one must follow. Personally, it should be more powerful than äny rule since it is your taste dictating what could be poison or not, what is delightful or not, what leaves a bad taste or not.

2. Rules created in developing, cooking Foods.

3. Rule to go by, as a guide in designing concepts related to food-for-thought, lifestyle and taste in general.

1. That business offer gives us no room for creativity, Rule of tounge dictates that we should insist our good taste in design and development.

2. Create a new barbeque flavor that is smokey, and extra savory. Our customer's Rule of Tounge should not be compromised.

3. Your argument seems palatable at first, but once digested, the rule of tounge says it is not what it seems to be.

See taste, rule, guide


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