Rusty Bucket

What is Rusty Bucket?


The vagina of a girl who has not had sexual intercourse in a considerable amount of time. Like a bike that sits around in the sun without regular use, a vagina becomes "rusty."

Sally: "I've been working so much lately, I just haven't had time to focus on my personal life."

Davey: "Well I'd be happy to stick around late with you and fix that rusty bucket"

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When a guy fucks a girl while she is on her period, than uses her kooter blood as lube while he butt fucks her right after!...When the blood dries on her ass hole afterward it's supposed to look like a rusty bucket.

Guy 1- So you gonna toss your girls salad tonight?

Guy 2- Probably not man... Shes on the "big dot".

Guy 1- So, just give her the old rusty bucket. It's so sickass!

Guy 2- Thanks for the idea... ima have to do that!

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Ginger pubic hair on a redhead result in her having a rusty bucket

"Damn that redhead is hot!"

"Yeah mate i'd love to see her rusty bucket, i bet it's smokin!"

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