Rusty Wallace

What is Rusty Wallace?


When you go to a bar, pick up a random guy, and take him back to your apartment, where you have laid out a tarp on the floor. During fore-play, you slip anal beads into his anus and when he's about to ejaculate you rip them from his ass hole thus causing him to climax and defecate simultaneously. Then you begin to roll in his feces, exclaiming "FUCK ME!"

"A friend of a friend told me that some drunk chick gave him a Rusty Wallace last night. He checked into therapy today."

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Getting a handjob from a girl who uses her shit for lube.

Also called the dirty boomerang in Austrailia

Man, my girl gave me a Rusty Wallace last night.

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Male genetalia surrounded in red pubes.

Carrot Top has a rusty wallace.


A practical joke in which a person sticks their finger in their anus and then places it in another person's ear; similar to a "Wet Willy."

Burt passed out at the party last night with his shoes on and I couldn't find a sharpie so I gave him a Rusty Wallace instead.

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Nascar driver. Drove Ford car for many years, switched to Dodge near end of career. Miller Lite was primary sponsor. Drove the #2 car. The previous definition makes no sense at all.

Rusty Wallace was a great driver.

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When you bust too quick.

I gave her a Rusty Wallace last night.

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